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Personal Matchmaker

My name is Alexia Robbemont and I’m a Personal Matchmaker. I make relationship dreams come true. Helping singles find the partner of their dreams is what I am passionate in doing. I match one after another by using my own method called the “Love Brain Profile”,  because everyone deserves to meet their dream partner. Do not hesitate to contact me!

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< class="textcolumn__title"> I make relationship dreams come true  

My name is Alexia Robbemont and I’ve been known for my Matchmaking expertise. Though I am known for this today, it has not always been like that. I grew up in a small town where people “Just act normal, then you’re acting crazy enough as it is” mentality and where feelings were not expressed. This frightened me as a little girl, and probably explains my success today. It urged me to live an adventurous and dynamic life.

After some wandering, I became Branch Manager at a national recruitment agency, where I felt like a fish in the sea. Matching people is what I enjoyed doing and together with my team we were the most successful branch in the country. I then decided to start my own recruitment agency, which grew to a successful company with 13 branches throughout the entire country. Then because of this achievement, I was then chosen the best entrepreneur of the year in that period.

But despite the business success, I started to realize that I was lacking a certain in depth connection in my marriage, that seemed to consist only of hard work and luxurious. We hardly ever communicated with each other, which lead to a certain emptiness. I was missing the intimacy and was longing for a life of friendship, humor, and more depth.

Following much deliberation, I decided to get a divorce. After my divorce, I felt happier and started to enjoy life. Business wise, things started to go downhill, which eventually lead to bankruptcy of my company. During this period I developed a passion.

Then when I decided to start as a freelance relationship coach, I did my research. Eventually, it became my core business where I developed and been using my own method called the “Love Brain Profile”. With this method I was matching one match after another.

My clients consist of (former) entrepreneurs, top executives and professionals, Dutch celebrities, (former) Athletes, which are successful and result oriented.

The singles I work with, not only have life experience, but they are also realistic and reliant. They have a stand fast in life and want all that life has to offer together with that one special person – their ideal match. For these type of people, I make their relationship dreams come true.


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