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My name is Alexa Robbemont and I am a Personal Matchmaker. Together with my team Personal Matchmakers we make relationship dreams come true. Life is so much better together.

I have developed a unique method called the “Love Brain Profile”, which has a very high success rate, because I only want the best for my clients.

In 2003 I was named the Best Entrepreneur of the Year. My clientele database base consists mainly of entrepreneurs, professionals, freelancers and top executives.

For who is it?

It’s for financially independent singles that have no time and/or desire to start dating again. Dating apps are often not an issue. Finding someone who is in the same place as you in life, and who’s on the same level is hard to find. And it is precisely in that small niche that I am successfully active.



As a busy professional, this will save you years of unsuccessful dates. Unlike apps, dating sites and bars, I match people who are serious about relationships. So your chances of finding the right partner are high.

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