Power Woman Consultancy

Approach & method of Power Woman Consultancy

Are you a power woman who wants the best in love? But does a partner search process not (yet) suit you and would you like to get some help and coaching in finding the right partner? Alexia Robbemont is active as a consultant within the Quality Partner Search International team. Alexia focuses on online guidance and advice for singles in the field of dating, relationships and personal growth.

Her approach consists of the following 12 steps:

  1. Personal Evaluation
    Through personal conversations and questionnaires, Alexia gets to understand your unique needs, goals, and challenges, clarifying where coaching should be needed.
  2. Self-awareness
    You learn to become aware of your strengths, values, interests, and objectives. This self-awareness is crucial for building healthy relationships with others, especially your new partner.
  3. Advice and Strategies
    Based on personal evaluation, you receive advice and strategies to enhance your dating life. This can range from optimizing your online dating profile to improving your social skills and communication.
  4. Communication skills
    Assistance is provided in developing effective communication skills, including initiating conversations, active listening, and expressing emotions.
  5. Behavior, attitude, and presence
    Together, you work on adjusting your behavior and attitude to boost your confidence, charisma, and allure.
  6. Online dating
    Guidance is offered in navigating through online dating platforms, creating an appealing profile, selecting profiles, and understanding online etiquette.
  7. Date planning
    You receive advice on planning successful dates, including location, activities, and conversation topics.
  8. Feedback
    After dates you will receive honest and constructive feedback to help you grow and learn.
  9. Self-confidence and self-image
    Collaboratively, you work on increasing your self-confidence and enhancing your self-image, which is crucial to successful dating.
  10. Support and motivation
    Throughout the process, Alexia acts as a mentor and motivator, providing emotional support and encouragement.
  11. Self-care and self-love
    In addition to dating, emphasis is placed on self-care, personal growth, and cultivating self-love.
  12. Feedback analysis
    Alexia analyzes feedback and experiences to continually adapt approaches and strategies for improved outcomes.

The ultimate goal is to help you boost your self-confidence, build successful relationships, and effect positive changes in your dating life. The ultimate goal is finding the right match and a happy, enduring relationship. If you’re interested in this approach and would you like to schedule a free 20-minute call with Alexia, please schedule your call using the agenda tool on this page.

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