The 3 phases of Diamond Matchmaking


1. Appointment

You make an interview appointment with Alexia either in The Hague or at your preferred location within the Netherlands. Within a relaxed setting she wants to get to know you and your view on life, what you’re striving for in life and what you need in a partner. Afterwards, she will tell you what to expect. Most clients find this a pleasant experience that has prepared them for the Matchmaking process.


2. Search

Alexia starts working behind the scenes and creates your own personal love profile based the conversation you had with her. For the candidate search a custom made advertisement is placed in FD, NRC, Volkskrant, Elsevier or other newspaper or magazine. After 3 weeks a shortlist of candidates is presented.

Alongside to the advertisement Alexia searches for your ideal match within her personal network for a dream partner best suited for you.

3. Date & romance to a dream relationship

This is one of the most exciting stages of the entire process. You will go on dates with various matches, so you can compare your matches. One of the benefit of dating various matches is that it speeds up the process. During this stage, Alexia will be available for any advice and/or guidance.



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